I was able to keep up a pretty good momentum the past week.
I’m glad to have been able to finish painting this head in under two weeks.

Unfortunately, I did take a while to get around to working on it. (like multiple months) I’m eternally grateful to have a commissioner who is patient and understanding.

My goal for this commission was to transform DDS Kagamine Len into Waver Velvet from Fate/Zero (and other related media).

Before I received the head, I did a digital mock-up to get an idea of what I wanted to do.

We bounced ideas back and forth to get a basic idea of what would be suitable for the character. Then we decided that this would be the best one.

Of course it’s really really hard to do a 100% recreation of your digital mock-up. It’s quite different to hold the actual head in your hand vs digitally painting over a picture.

You can see that my actual face-up turned out a little rounder around the eyes. In addition, the eyebrows are a little more straight than in the mock-up.

Lighting is also something you need to consider when you’re painting… Depending on the temperature of your lights, it can be a little hard to gauge the “true” tone of the paint or pastels.

Regrettably, I made a mistake where the blush ended up a little too dark and orange. At first I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to rescue the paint work that I completed since some of the orange blush was already sealed under some MSC… Thankfully I was able to use a melamine sponge/magic eraser to lightly remove the previous blush and replace it with a lighter pinkish tone.

I like taking picture of my completed commissions with eyes and wigs that are similar to the customer’s desired final look. Even if I don’t have the exact items, I will use something on hand that is as similar as possible!

I think with correct eyes, wig, and outfit the character like-ness will be a little more apparent.

This commission includes custom resin eyes but I’m still working on those right now. You can see the current design in the graphic below.

I might do a write-up on casting eyes and all that stuff eventually but we’ll see how things go…

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