Face-Ups & Other Services

Accepting Two(2) Slot Applications
July 27 – August 9 (PT)

Applicants will be contacted by August 13.
(regardless if you are selected or not)

You can find the stuff I’m working on or painting on Instagram or on Flickr

At the moment I’m MOSTLY doing anime style face-up for DDs, but I can also do typical BJD face-ups. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a lot of recent pictures of the latter. I sincerely apologize.

※ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not contact me about acting as a parcel forwarding service. I do not feel comfortable using my address as a proxy/shipping service. I am only offering face-up services. Thank you for understanding and sorry about the inconvenience. 

FACE-UP Services

Custom Face-Up

Starting at $180 (All Sizes)

A Custom Face-Up gives you full control of how you want me to paint your doll’s make-up. You can specify exact details on how you would like your doll painted.

Price may increase depending on design.


Face-Up Removal & Cleaning

$5 – $10 Depending on Severity

If you send the head to me cleaned, I won’t charge you to remove the Face-Up. However, if the head isn’t cleaned to my standards I may charge a fee.

WARNING: I use acetone to clean heads. I have never had issues with it. If you are uncomfortable with this type solvent I suggest sending a clean head, or commissioning someone different. You can technically provide me with your cleaning solvent of choice but i will not go out of my way to purchase it.

Neck Hole Repair


I can repair neck hole cracks or damage with soft vinyl putty that matches your DD’s skin color.

Semi-White and Flesh skin colors are available.

Upper Eyelashes
(from my stock)

$5 (Per pair)

This fee can be waived if you supply your own eyelashes.

Email: pleiadesmake@gmail.com

Current Turn Around Times Are Currently Estimated to be 1~3 months.

Please let me know if you need your doll back within a certain time frame ahead of time.
I work a full time job and sometimes work on the weekends. I’ll do my best to keep you updated though.

Most updates and work in progress pictures will be posted on Instagram.

Please respect that I have my own style and that I will not explicitly copy another artists work.

I will not work on counterfeit, recast or other illegal items.

Please understand that I may turn down commissions depending on specific sculpts or ideas. 

I will not modify Dollfie Dream heads. Mouth sanding, nose and lip shaping is something I’m not comfortable with. I do not want to be liable for damages or accidents that might happen in during the process.

Customs fees incurred from shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
I may agree to under declaring your package depending on certain circumstances.

Please keep in mind that I cannot be held liable if the package is lost or damaged in transit.

Please contact me if you have any questions!