Face-Ups & Other Services

Current Status: Ask for availability 

You can find the stuff I’m working on or painting on Instagram or on Flickr

※ IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please do not contact me about acting as a parcel forwarding service. I do not feel comfortable using my address as a proxy/shipping service. I am only offering face-up services. Thank you for understanding and sorry about the inconvenience. 

FACE-UP Services

Custom Face-Up

Starting at $150 (All Sizes)

A Custom Face-Up gives you full control of how you want me to paint your doll’s make-up. You can specify exact details on how you would like your doll painted.

Includes: A pair of Resin Eyes of your desired color (design is random)

Price may increase depending on design.

Default Face-Up

Starting at $45 (All Sizes)

This option is for people who like the default face-up on their DD but want some aspects of it customized.

Example: Additional blush, Repainted Lips, Eyeshadow, Repainted eyebrows and etc.


Face-Up Removal & Cleaning

$5 – $10 Depending on Severity

If you send the head to me cleaned, I won’t charge you to remove the Face-Up. However, if the head isn’t cleaned to my standards I may charge a fee.

Neck Hole Repair


I can repair neck hole cracks or damage with soft vinyl putty that matches your DD’s skin color.

Semi-White and Flesh skin colors are available.

Upper Eyelashes
(from my stock)

$5 (Per pair)

This fee can be waived if you supply your own eyelashes.

Email: pleiadesmake@gmail.com

Current Turn Around Times Are Currently Estimated to be 1~8 months.

I work a full time job and sometimes work on the weekends. Due to my mental health, I am taking a little longer than previously expected.

Most updates and work in progress pictures will be posted on Instagram.

Please let me know if you need your doll back within a certain time frame ahead of time.

Please respect that I have my own style and that I will not explicitly copy another artists work.

I will not work on counterfeit, recast or other illegal items.

Please understand that I may turn down commissions depending on specific sculpts or ideas. 

I will not modify Dollfie Dream heads. Mouth sanding, nose and lip shaping is something I’m not comfortable with. I do not want to be liable for damages or accidents that might happen in during the process.

Customs fees incurred from shipping is the responsibility of the customer.
I may agree to under declaring your package depending on certain circumstances.

Please keep in mind that I cannot be held liable if the package is lost or damaged in transit.

Please contact me if you have any questions!